Part 2 Of Our Journey

Ok it’s been six weeks since our Surgery! Boy, there’s been some ups and downs in that six weeks! I’ve thought sometimes what the hell have I done. We just can’t go out for dinner whenever we want now.

We made it onto the puréed food thank goodness as we were both sick of drinking Optifast meal replacements and Juice. It was so nice to have something that wasn’t in drinking form.

Prior to our surgery I was drinking at least three litres of water per day and I never gave it a thought. Since our surgery both Russell and I have struggled to drink water. It got that bad for me, I became dehydrated. It was hell! It wasn’t the funnest thing I’d ever done! I was told I had to go back on the liquid diet for one week! OMG I thought I’d never be able to have food again. Thankfully I’m back on the puréed foods again. And I am managing to drink water again as long as it’s with ice.

Russell’s also had a few days were he’s been dizzy and couldn’t do full days at work. One day he was driving home and he got motion sickness. He was beside himself. “We won’t be able to go on traveling holidays” For him that’s he worst nightmare coming true! Thankfully it only happened the once.

In this time I’ve lost 22kgs and Russell has lost 25kgs.

The first three photos were taken today. Boy,  I was surprised to see how far our progress has come in such a short time. The fourth photo: the top photo was taken 12 months ago almost to the day. Wow what a difference. I’m totally blown away!


image image image

Our Wonderful Journey

Our journey has already begun…

Weight Loss journey is a new begin for both Russell and myself.

It’s funny because I never thought it would be possible. However it’s more than possibility.  Both Russell and I have struggled our entire life to lose weight. One diet after another after another. 

On the 30th July 2015 we both had Gastric Sleeving done. What an achievement just in itself. Two weeks before the surgery we had to start drinking a meal replacement OPTIFAST and a cup or two vegetables for lunch and dinner. I won’t lie I struggled with this the first two days. I was so hungry I throw up the those two days.

Our diet

  • Breakfast- One OPTIFAST SHAKE
  • Morning Tea- One piece of fruit ( no bananas)
  • Lunch- One OPTIFAST SHAKE and one or two cups of vegetables ( no potatoes) 
  • Afternoon Tea- One piece of fruit or diet jelly
  • Dinner- One OPTIFAST SHAKE and one or two cups of vegetables
  • Supper- One piece of fruit or diet jelly 
  • At least 2.5 litres of water 

After two days We were both sick of the shakes so we then changed one of the shakes with an OPTIFAST BAR. It changed it up a bit which was a nice change believe me. Those two weeks felt like a lifetime. 

It’s now 12 days post surgery and we are still having the OPTIFAST SHAKES. But we can also have Apple juice, V8 juice, Hydralyte and water. In two days we are able to have puréed foods.

Within a few days after the surgery being a Diabetics my Blood Sugar Levels (BSL) changed. They changed for the better.  I really couldn’t believe it. Four days after the surgery they were really low 4.6. The good range is 5- 8, being that low I was a little concerned. Thankfully I was seeing my Endrocrologist  within two days. She was so shocked how well I was doing after the surgery and with my Diabetes!  I won’t lie my Diabetes was all over the place which was very frustrating. So it was a relief when things started coming together. So in seven days after the surgery I was taken off my Insulin. And I no longer have High Blood Pressure. Before the surgery I was one at least 10 different tablets just to keep me alive. I’d never really thought about it until now but how silly I was. I was playing Russian roulette with my life. Now I only am taking two tablets and not 10

Russell is also doing extremely well but thankfully he doesn’t have Diabetes or High Blood Pressure but he needed the surgery for his job. I know that sounds nasty however there is a weight restriction for his job. 


Sea Life Mooloolaba

Our first day out in a really long time due to injury and illness for both Russ and myself . We both had a lovely day at Sea Life. We went on a BEHIND THE SCENES TOUR. It was something we’d never done before. It sure was very different. We got the see the turtle rehabilitation process. A lot of people don’t realise that one tiny piece of plastic the size of a 5c piece can kill a turtle. It so sad to think that we as human race can could be so silly and not think about what we do with our rubbish. ” oh it’s not much, it won’t hurt anyone” That’s were you are WRONG!. It KILLS hundreds and hundreds of sea life each and everyday